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We're past due for an update - so here goes! First off, thanks to all the wives, families, friends, etc. for all of your support over the past year. We truly appreciate the opportunity to play at being "rock stars" & we thank you for putting up with us. We promise to keep our "Diva" behavior to a minimum. If you saw our homepage, you probably noticed a new face in our lineup. Steve Glass, one of the finest bassists I've ever played with, has left us and we wish him the best! He will always remain part of the Minus John family.

Now we want to welcome Wayne Irby to the band! Wayne is an immensely talented multi-instrumentalist and brings a wealth of experience & enthusiasm with him. He's learned a lot of material in a short time & we're ready to jam! So thanks again for visiting the site and look for us at a venue near you.

See you out there somewhere,

- Mike M.


Before we go any further, we just want to say "Thank You"! If you are reading this, you have shown at least a little interest in what we do and we appreciate it. It may have been a while since you heard from us, but we are alive and well and ready to make some noise.

As most of you may know, we began life as "Full Tilt", but our line-up and name has changed. Our former bass player, Bill Stafford, has moved on to pursue his interest in country music & we wish him the best. Another founding member, Jeff Wood, has elected to "retire" from the band. In addition to adding guitar, harmonica, and vocals to our sound, Jeff provided a place for us to rehearse, his wife, Brenda, did our first website & his son, Jesse has taken photos of us. We consider them family & they are the best!

Now the new stuff! Steve Glass has joined us on bass &, combined with Jeff Hairís drums, they are laying down an awesome bottom end. These guys are the ones making your feet tap! Weíve also added Paul Boone on guitar. Paul comes to us from Generic Folk - one seriously butt-kickiní folk band. We want to thank "the Folk" for letting us play with Paul & we canít wait to unleash him on the rest of you.

With our new line-up - Minus John - is eager to introduce you to our brand of "Blues/Rock" with the emphasis solidly on "Rock". So thanks again for tuning in & we hope to see you out there somewhere!

- Mike M.

P.S.- Special thanks to Corey Crompton for his help with the new Minus John website.
Corey - You Rock!

P.P.S.- Extra special thanks to our intrepid sound man, Dave S. and to Cheryl S. for the logo work and photo magic!

Minus John is a Central Virginia based band specializing in straight-up rock & roll and low-down blues. Consisting of Jeff Hair (Drums, Vocals), Wayne Irby (Bass, Vocals), Paul Boone (Guitar), & Mike McKinney (Guitar, Vocals) - Minus John is small enough to fit in most venues, but capable of producing huge sound!

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